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Our conferences + retreats consist of informational, instructional or just down right inspiring speakers. Some speakers are women in the trenches of motherhood, long time homeschooling moms or dads, writers, experts in their field or are simply passionate about a topic + have a message to share.

What do our presentations usually look like?


As homeschooling mamas, we love learning. Whether you’re running a new field trip destination, are hosting nature classes or are up-to-date on the latest homeschooling laws – we want to know.


Have a powerful message, story or testimony? Have you learned a thing or two about motherhood, marriage or life along your journey? We strive to encourage mamas in their everyday lives – so don’t hold back – we bring tissues to every gathering.


What exactly is “Morning Time,” anyway? How do I do an artist study with my child? Nature Study? Latin? If you’ve got a skill or are rocking a certain subject in your homeschool, share it with us or hold a master class!


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