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Our Mission

Revival Moms exists to bring home educating mamas together in real life settings.

Ways we're bringing moms together

Friends Drinking Coffee

Community is Essential

In 2017 we started asking ourselves, what would it look like to see the headship of Christ restored in all aspects of life while inspiring community through relationships? What would that look like for homeschooling mothers? So, in 2018 the first season of our Revival Moms Local Gatherings came together in the basement of our local coffee shop. Yup. The basement. For 9 months, 26 women met regularly to share, laugh, cry, learn + grow together. Fast forward + we are currently gathering in a room with windows, serve a larger number of mamas than ever before + have multiple locations. Deep friendships are being born, mamas are being cared for + communities are growing.

Revival Moms Podcast

The Revival Moms Podcast is great to listen to on your own, but why not listen with an RM: At Home group?  Grab a few mamas, listen to the latest podcast + get the conversation going.

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The Blog

Revival Moms site members receive free access to the RM blog, podcast show notes + email updates.

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Revival Moms Members with paid memberships receive discounted pre-sale tickets to our events, access to our private online community, exclusive blog content, podcast show notes, and more.

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