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S1:E10 Ask Us Anything

Over the years, the RM Podcast has changed from just a weekly listen to an intentional conversation starter. These first few episodes of the RM Podcast were well loved by our listeners, so we wanted to make them available here, in the Podcast Archive. Enjoy!

Show Notes

We have been getting a lot of great questions over on our REVIVAL MOMS Instagram account so we've decided to do an Ask Us Anything episode!

On today's podcast, Mallory + Kyrie are talking about everything from date nights to staying motivated as a mama. Check out the show notes below for links to their discussion topics.

Brent + Kyrie's favorite podcasts for at home date nights: The Bible Project Podcast Exploring My Strange Bible Podcast Revisionist History Podcast Ten Minute Bible Hour

You can fangirl right along with Mallory on all those awesome Toni Weber quotes over at @homeschoolingbyheart on Instagram.

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