Friends Drinking Coffee


Nikki A.

Love this group - real moms talking about real topics! They are knowledgeable, funny, helpful and down to earth.

Local Gathering Mama

The Revival Moms Gatherings have been so encouraging for me as a homeschool mom. I love the opportunity to be able to have a quiet night out with other ladies that are doing the same thing as me. There’s a really, really sweet spirit in the group!!

Local Gathering Mama

I appreciated getting to meet new people outside of my area and current homeschooling circles, whom I have come to cross paths with in other contexts.  Revival Moms Local Gatherings opened doors for that.

Shannon S.

There is something so powerful about a group of like-minded Mamas taking the time to pick one another’s brains about how to best meet the needs of their homeschooling kids and families. (It feels like those needs are forever changing because…they are!) This group really embodies how valuable community is in not only our home-education journey but also in our parenting journey! So thankful to have found Revival  Moms!!